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Xenon Gas: Industrial and Commercial Uses

Customers in the semiconductor, lighting, medical, and research industries are very familiar with xenon gas and its many uses. But because of its rarity, an estimated 87 ppb (parts per billion) in the atmosphere, xenon is expensive, which means that it has many more potential uses that are not yet economically feasible. As manufacturing costs go down—an effort that Electronic Fluorocarbons is contributing to—xenon’s place in industry will continue to grow. Discovered in 1898 through the study of liquefied air, xenon is one of six noble gases that occur naturally (the others are helium, neon, argon, krypton, and radon). The noble gases have several characteristics that make them important: low reactivity, low thermal conductivity, and high stability, among others.

Some uses of xenon within different industries include:

  • Lighting- flash lamps for photography, arc lamps for motion picture projection, high-pressure sodium lamps, sunbed lamps, and lamps used for deep-sea observation.
  • Medical- general anesthetic and a contrast agent in magnet resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Research- NASA space craft propellant, search for dark matter, and used to manipulate individual atoms

Where to buy Xenon? 

Electronic Fluorocarbons provides xenon gas at the highest purity levels possible: 99.995% and 99.999%. We ship xenon as a pure liquefied gas in four cylinder sizes for the lighting, semiconductor, medical, and other industries to meet all of your customer’s needs. Please call 1-888-924-3371 or email us at for more information about our other high purity gases.

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