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Research and Development Plant

Our customers have asked us about the development of new advanced specialty gases, including etchants and deposition precursor materials that are not currently available in the marketplace. In response, Electronic Fluorocarbons is addressing that demand in our state-of-the-art research and development facility in Hatfield, PA.

At our laboratory in Hatfield Township, we are:

  • Conceptualizing new materials to address the industry’s most pressing application requirements.
  • Synthesizing new candidate materials using an array of traditional synthesis techniques and the latest fluorination technologies.
  • Applying specific purification and analysis techniques to achieve and ensure materials of the highest purity.
  • Developing process chemistry and technology to manufacture these new materials on a production scale.

For example, our customers in the semiconductor industry require high-purity materials for critical applications in atomic layer etching and deposition. Electronic Fluorocarbons is taking a leading role in the research and development, chemical synthesis, and commercial manufacturing of those materials.

Through this effort, Electronic Fluorocarbons is building on our industry recognized reputation for providing high-purity specialty gases used in the electronics, medical, refrigeration, and other industries.

Under the leadership of Dr. Robert Syvret, a Fellow of the American Chemical Society and recognized industry expert in fluorine chemistry, technology, and manufacturing, our Hatfield Township Laboratory is collaborating with several strategic academic institutions. We are brainstorming and demonstrating new molecules for advanced applications, demonstrating laboratory scale processes, and subsequently transitioning those processes to provide manufacturing scale quantities.

Suppliers, OEMs, and end users are encouraged to contact us today with your most challenging new material requirements.