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Trimethylamine is a colorless, flammable, liquefied gas.

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Formula: C3H9N

Trimethylamine is a colorless, flammable, liquefied gas.

Trimethylamine is widely used in organic synthesis. It is used to produce corrosion inhibitors, herbicides, anionic ion exchange resins, quaternary ammonium compounds like tetramethylammonium hydroxide, as well as dyes and dye leveling agents.



Further Specifications

Cylinder Sizes

  • Used in organic synthesis
  • In the manufacturing of disinfectants
  • To prepare quaternary ammonium compounds
  • As a corrosion inhibitor
  • In the preparation of choline chloride and of trimethylamine-borane addition compounds
Grade 2.5
Purity 99.5%
Chemically Pure
Chemical & Physical Properties
Molecular Weight 59.1103
Specific Volume 6.54 cu. ft/lb
Flammability Limits in Air 2 - 11.6%
Pressure @ 70° F 13 psig
Valve Outlet CGA 705
Shipping Information
DOT Name Trimethylamine, Anhydrous
Hazard Class 2.1
DOT No. UN 1083
DOT Label Flammable Gas
CAS No. 75-50-3
Cylinder Size Fill Weight (lbs)
HT 550
LP30 125

**Moisture level guaranteed only when Electronic Fluorocarbons prepares the cylinders.
All concentrations are on a mol/mol basis unless otherwise stated.
Product sold on the basis of total impurities. Individual impurities may vary slightly.

*This gas not available for purchase online.