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Deuterium is a colorless, odorless, flammable, stable isotope of hydrogen, it is also referred to as "heavy hydrogen".

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Formula: H2 (D2)

The name deuterium is derived from the Greek deuteros, meaning “second”, to denote the two particles composing the nucleus. Deuterium was discovered and named in 1931 by Harold Urey.

Soon after deuterium’s discovery, Urey and others produced samples of “heavy water” in which the deuterium content had been highly concentrated. Nearly all deuterium found in nature was produced in the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, as the basic or primordial ratio of hydrogen-1 to deuterium (about 26 atoms of deuterium per million hydrogen atoms) has its origin from that time. This is the ratio found in the gas giant planets, such as Jupiter.



Further Specifications

Cylinder Sizes

  • Used in nuclear power, fusion power, lasers and lighting.
  • Used to prepare deuterated biological compounds, deuterated lubricants, deuterated optical fibers, and in electronics as a replacement for hydrogen in the annealing or sintering of silicon based semiconductors, flat panel displays, and solar panels
  • Used in reaction rate studies and exchange reaction studies
Grade 4.5 Grade 5.0
Purity 99.995% 99.999%
Nitrogen < 5 ppmv < 1 ppmv
Oxygen < 1 ppmv < 1 ppmv
Moisture / Deuterated Water < 5 ppmv < 1 ppmv
Carbon Dioxide < 2 ppmv < 1 ppmv
Carbon Monoxide < 1 ppmv < 1 ppmv
Deuterium Hydride < 5000 ppmv < 3000 ppmv
Hydrogen < 150 ppmv < 100 ppmv
Hydrocarbons < 1 ppmv < 1 ppmv
Tritium < 0.002 uCi/L
Chemical & Physical Properties
Molecular Weight 4.03
Valve Outlet CGA 350
Shipping Data
DOT Name Deurtium
Hazard Class 2.1
DOT No. UN 1957
DOT Label Flammable gas
CAS No. 7782-39-0
Cylinder Size Fill Weight
44L/Size 200 5,000
16L/Size 80 1,800
3L/Size 10 100

**Moisture level guaranteed only when Electronic Fluorocarbons prepares the cylinders.
All concentrations are on a mol/mol basis unless otherwise stated.
Product sold on the basis of total impurities. Individual impurities may vary slightly.

*This gas not available for purchase online.