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July Newsletter: Valves

july 2018 newsletter









Electronic Fluorocarbons offers both CGA (Compressed Gas Association) and DISS (diameter index safety system) valves in a variety of materials for compressed gas cylinders.

CGA valves are the standard system for connecting to a cylinder transfer line with a valve outlet nut. DISS connections, consisting of a valve outlet, nut, nipple, and washer, are preferred for applications where prevention of leaks is a very high priority.

How do you find the right valve for your cylinder?

We take the following information into account:

  • Which gas is in the cylinder? Different gases react with different materials, and therefore valves must be chosen appropriately from materials like brass, chrome, stainless steel, Monel (nickel-copper alloy), or Hastelloy (nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy). Valve outlets are regulated by specific country guidelines.
  • How will the gas be used? For example, the semiconductor industry will specifically request the use of DISS valves to maintain both integrity and particulates. The medical industry incorporates the use of their own unique valve configurations for each type of gas.
  • Is a specialty valve required? We always source valves from leading vendors who conform to the requirements of the CGA (Compressed Gas Association), EIGA (European Industrial Gas Association), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), and others. We can source specialty valves for any gas, environment, or use, as long as they conform to CGA guidelines.


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