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August Newsletter: Semiconductors

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Every aspect of the modern era is monitored, influenced or controlled by one or more semiconductor electronic devices. The typical semiconductor device is a complex array of transistors and integrated circuits that work in unison to provide the functionality of our computers, cell phones, televisions, automobiles and every other electronic device that we have become so dependent upon for our daily activities.  Fabrication of these semiconductor devices involves multiple processing steps some of which include photolithography and patterning, deposition, etch, planarization, and cleaning.

This complex sequence of manufacturing steps occurs over and over, in some cases with 500 or more independent steps, gradually building the device architecture in a layer-by-layer fashion with the final result being the finished stack of electronic circuits that collectively function as the electronic device.  The manufacturing process is a prolonged exercise performed in modern specialized facilities known as fabs.  In the latest generation of advanced semiconductor devices, at technology nodes < 10 nm, the fabrication process can take upwards of 4 months to complete from start to final testing and packaging.

High purity chemicals and gases are essential for all steps of the manufacturing of semiconductor devices.  As the technology nodes continue to shrink, enabling electronic circuits to function with greater speed and efficiency, the need for higher purity gases with a well defined and narrow impurity profile continues to increase.  Furthermore, as processing steps become more complex, i.e., due to 3D circuit structures, the specific functional requirements for each gas, whether it be for deposition, etching, or cleaning become more demanding.

At Electronic Fluorocarbons, we have historically provided to our customers our legacy products with the highest level of purity and quality coupled with state-of-the-art analytical characterization.  As the technology nodes of semiconductor manufacturing continue to evolve, Electronic Fluorocarbons is investing now to establish advanced technologies for the synthesis, purification, and characterization of the electronic gases required today and in the future.  We invite you to challenge us with your requirements for high purity specialty gases and materials.


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