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COVID-19 Updates

Discussion of Industrial Synthetic Routes to Hexafluoro-1,3-butadiene, C4F6 by Robert G. Syvret, Ph.D., ACSF

Various synthetic routes are known for the formation and industrial scale production of hexafluoro-1,3-butadiene (HFBD), C4F6.  This document provides a brief overview and comparison of the key attributes of the most prominent industrial routes.  A preferred and advantageous route to C4F6, involving addition of the interhalogen, ICl, to chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE) followed by subsequent coupling and dehalogenation … Continued

Krypton in the Lighting, Windows, and Medical Industry

Lights, action, camera: it’s time to celebrate krypton for its contribution to lighting, energy-efficient windows, and diagnostics in the medical industry. Stronger Light When you ionize Krypton, you get a strong white light—which makes it an excellent choice for flashbulbs (remember those?), fluorescent lamps, airport runway lights, lasers (as krypton plasma) for laser shows, and … Continued

Chief Scientist Bob Syvret Awarded for Work in Fluorine Chemistry

We are proud to announce our Chief Scientist has been named the 2020 recipient of the American Chemical Society National Award for Creative work in Fluorine Chemistry. Bob is just the 2nd industrial chemist to receive this honor since the awards annual inception in 1972. Bob led the technical development Selectfluor® fluorination agent in the … Continued

New R&D Building At Our Hatfield Plant Facility

Scheduled to open this year, the product development area will be equipped with many advanced capabilities, including a pilot scale high-pressure high-temperature reactor and a specialized spinning band distillation system that separates molecules with small differences in their boiling points. This equipment is seldom seen in a manufacturing environment and represents EFC’s commitment to turning … Continued


Applications of R-134a The primary use of R-134a is as a substitute for chlorofluorocarbon (CFC-12) products in refrigeration Used in magnesium production as an SF6 replacement Paired with SF6 for laser machining of silicon Highly purified forms are used as a propellant in some medical sprays and inhalers Markets that use R-134a: the automotive aftermarket, … Continued

Electronic Fluorocarbons Adds to Successful Plant Facility in Hatfield, PA

Electronic Fluorocarbons is expanding both its facilities and its workforce in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, with the addition of a 32,000-square-foot extension to the existing production plant.   The new space will be utilized for new purification/distillation and fill lines to facilitate the growth of existing products.   New reactors and purification modules will be included in a new … Continued

Tariffs & the Specialty Gas Industry

What are tariffs? Tariffs are a fee placed on imports to increase their price. All countries use tariffs to one extent or another. There are two basic types of tariffs. One type increases as the cost of the goods increases—this is an ad valorem tariff and is usually set as a percentage of the cost of the … Continued

Semiconductors: Fabrication & high purity gases

What is a semiconductor? The typical semiconductor device is a complex array of transistors and integrated circuits that work in unison to provide the functionality of our computers, cell phones, televisions, automobiles and every other electronic device that we have become so dependent upon for our daily activities. How are semiconductors made? It involves multiple … Continued