Formula: He or R704

Helium is a colorless, odorless noble gas. It is shipped as a compressed gas.

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Applications of helium include the following:

  • Helium is used in the welding industry as an inert shielding gas for arc welding
  • In the cryogenics field
  • In mixtures with neon and argon for electronic tubes and neon signs
  • Used in large balloons for upper atmosphere and cosmic ray studies and in small balloons by weather forecasters to carry meteorological instruments
  • Used in the missile industry to pressurize rocket fuels and force them into rocket engines
  • Used in laboratory and research operations as a leak detector, in “dry boxes”, as a temperature standard, as a carrier in gas chromatography, etc.
  • Mixture of helium and oxygen is used as a breathing gas for divers who work under high pressures



Grade 5 Grade 6
Purity 99.999% 99.9999%
Nitrogen  < 3 ppmv  < 400 ppbv
Oxygen  < 2 ppmv  < 50 ppbv
Carbon Dioxide  < 1 ppmv  < 100 ppbv
Carbon Monoxide  < 1 ppmv  < 50 ppbv
Methane  < 1 ppmv  < 100 ppbv
Water  < 3 ppmv  < 200 ppbv


Chemical & Physical Properties
Molecular Weight 4.00
Sp. Volume 97.1 cu.ft/lb
Pressure @ 70°F 2000-2490
Valve Outlet CGA 580
DISS 718


Shipping Information
DOT Name Helium, Compressed
Hazard Class 2.2
DOT No. UN 1046
DOT Label Non-Flammable Gas
CAS No. 7440-59-7
Cylinder Size Fill Volume (CF)
Size 300 292

*This gas not available for purchase online.