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Formula: N2O

Nitrous Oxide is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable gas.


Applications of nitrous oxide include the following:

  • Used chiefly as an inhalation anesthetic
  • As a dispersing agent in whipped cream cans
  • Used as an oxidizer in a rocket motor
  • It allows the engine in car racing to burn more fuel by providing more oxygen than air alone which results in a more powerful combustion
  • Can be used as an anesthetic and analgesic in dentistry and surgery



Grade 4.5 Grade 5
Purity 99.995% 99.999%
Nitrogen  < 7 ppmv  < 2 ppmv
Oxygen  < 2 ppmv  < 2 ppmv
Carbon Dioxide  < 2 ppmv  < 2 ppmv
Carbon Monoxide  < 0.1 ppmv
Methane  < 1 ppmv  < 0.1 ppmv
Water  < 2 ppmv
Ammonia  < 0.5 ppmv
Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide  < 0.5 ppmv

**Moisture level guaranteed only when Electronic Fluorocarbons prepares the cylinders.
All concentrations are on a mol/mol basis unless otherwise stated.
Product sold on the basis of total impurities. Individual impurities may vary slightly.

Chemical & Physical Properties
Molecular Weight 44.01
Specific Volume 8.7 cu.ft/lb
Pressure @ 70°F 745 psig
Valve Outlet CGA 326
DISS 712


Shipping Information
DOT Name Nitrous Oxide
Hazard Class 2.2
DOT No. UN 1070
DOT Label Non-Flammable Gas Oxidizer
CAS No. 10024-97-2
Cylinder Size Fill Weight (lbs)
44L/Size 200 60