Formula: C2H3Cl

Vinyl Chloride is a colorless, flammable gas with a faint sweet odor.

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Applications of vinyl chloride include the following:

  • Used as an intermediate in organic synthesis
  • For the production of plastics by polymerization and copolymerization
  • Small amounts are used in furniture and automobile upholstery, wall coverings, housewares, and automotive parts



Purity: Grade 3.6
Specifications: 99.96%
Methyl Chloride & Ethyl Chloride < 150 ppmv
Moisture < 150 ppmv
Total Impurities < 400 ppmv

**Moisture level guaranteed only when Electronic Fluorocarbons prepares the cylinders.
All concentrations are on a mol/mol basis unless otherwise stated.
This product is analyzed liquid phase.
Product sold on the basis of total impurities. Individual impurities may vary slightly.


Chemical & Physical Properties
Molecular Weight 62.50
Pressure @ 70° F 34 psig
Flammability Limits 3.6 – 33% in Air
Valve Outlet CGA 510
LB CGA 170


Shipping Information
DOT Name Vinyl Chlroide, Stabilized
Hazard Class 2.1
DOT No. UN 1086
DOT Label Flammable gas
CAS No. 75-01-4
Cylinder Size Fill Weight (lbs)
1/2 ton 840
LP30 200
LP15 120
LP05 39
LP01 10
49L/Size 300 85
44L/Size 200 75
16L/Size 80 25
7L/Size 35 12

*This gas not available for purchase online.