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Etch Gases – Methyl Fluoride


Fluorocarbons impact the environment by contributing to global warming. EFC continues to innovate lower GWP chemistries for semiconductor device manufacturing and to protect our environment. 

Methyl Fluoride


Increasing importance for nanoscale device fabrication is the ability to control atomic scale etching with innovative and selectivity etch chem­istries. Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) allows efficient and precise etching to meet critical dimensions with shrinking geometries below 10 nm. Multilayer films are formed by alternating silicon oxide and silicon nitride thin films. The multilayer film can be selectively etched by supplying a tailored fluorocarbon gas.

Efficient etching with precision is extremely important in the electronic industry. Innovative etch gases with extremely low global warming po­tential (GWP) that can help improve etch performance and protect the environment when compared to conventional fluorocarbon gases are desired. EFC is a leader in innovative solutions for the electronic industry with synthe­sis, purification, and custom packaging of fluorocarbon gases and pro­vides environmentally safer alternatives.


Methyl Fluoride (CH3F), or  fluorometh­ane, is a non-toxic common refrigerant also known as HFC-41. It is an environmentally friendly dry etching gas with low GWP. For electronics, high purity methyl fluoride is required and can be used in high performance inductively coupled plasma etching of Si, SiO2 and Si3N4 layers efficiently.

In ALE, enhanced control and low damage with minimal influence on sensitive areas and surfaces is required, especially at the gate. Methyl fluoride is an alternative dry etch­ing gas that can potentially be used in both RIE and ALE. It demonstrates a sig­nificantly reduced global warming effect as compared to C4F8 with high etch rates.

EFC provides a wide variety of fluorocar­bon gases that can be tailored with vary­ing fluorine content, CxFy (CF4, CH2F2, CHF3 and CH3F). The fluorine content can be an effective way to control desired etch rates on select films.




Methyl fluoride is a colorless flammable gas with a vapor den­sity > 1, it has an ether like odor and liberates hydrogen fluoride when it is burned. EFC purifies methyl fluoride to electronic grade (>4N5) and provides tight quality controls. It is packaged in pre-cleaned and conditioned cylinders with either pneumatic or manual valves.




Methyl Fluoride Cylinder Sizes


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