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2018: Year End Review

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Hatfield Facility Expansion

In January 2017, we began operating out of our newly built 34,000 square-foot facility in Hatfield, PA. This year, we will complete construction on a 32,000 sqaure-foot fabrication, design, and R&D laboratory building. The expansion will allow us to grow our product line, improve efficiency, and hire additional staff. Dr. Robert Syvret will oversee the R&D laboratory which will let us to innovate and create pilot tests for new specialty gases. Read the press release to learn more about our expansion.

Training Sessions

In 2018 our sales team led webinars, traveled to different sites for sales training, and hosted colleagues at our plant facility in Hatfield, PA. We covered topics such as gas applications, sales opportunities, the gases available through EFC, and much more. We are looking forward to hosting and leading more training sessions this year. If you would like to learn more, click the link to email our sales team.

2018 new employees & 2019 job prediction

We are excited to say that in 2018 our company headcount grew by 21%. As our business has grown and in anticipation of an exciting future of new products, we have been proactively hiring and training new associates in order that we can both grow and provide outstanding support and service to our growing customer base. The investment and expansion of our facility in 2019 will require that we have qualified operators prepared to support the new processes and materials. Not only do we have the facilities, but a well trained team ready to support our customer requirements.

Expansion of Product Line

Over the last year, have added a limited number of isotopes, expanded break bulks of some refrigerants, and also added electronic deposition and etching gases to our portfolio, such as 3MS. More products, including metal carriers are actively under development and will be released when these product capabilities are finalized. Our R&D new product development program has also had a very successful year.  We are now working closely with high technology partners to both synthesize and purify a number of novel chemistries for advanced selective etch and other critical semiconductor processes.  Based on these successes in 2018, we will include new high temperature, high pressure reactors and exceptionally capable purification capabilities into our expanded plant. You can visit our website to view our product selection or contact our sales team at

Expansion Investments 2018-2019

  • The installation of a large support structure for the support of chemical purification and distillation columns
  • The engineering design, fabrication and start-up of a new distillation/purification column for high growth fluorocarbons that allows for multiple sourcing of raw material while providing a consistent ship to control end product for our customers.
  • The installation of 6 large bulk raw and finished goods storage tanks for SF6 and fluorocarbons
  • The addition of high pressure and high temperature reactors for the synthesis of novel molecules used in research and other high technology applications
  • The addition of ultra-high selectivity distillation and purification of liquid precursors capability
  • An increase of our under roof production plant footprint by some 32,000 sq. feet
  • Invested in a significant fleet of ISO containers, ton, half ton, and other cylinder assets to support growth

Analytical Improvements

  • Addition of enhanced moisture analysis
  • FT-IR for gas analysis


We attended great events throughout 2018: Pittcon, CGA Annual Meeting, CMC Conference, GAWDA Spring Management Conference, IWDC Sales & Purchasing, GAWDA Annual Convention, & ITPC were just a few. We are excited to attend these shows and many more this year. Make sure to check out our website as we continutally update it with information of the events we are attending.